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I went in to go look at a Cx-7 at the Mazda Dealership in concord across the street from the tim dodge dealership.I was thinking about trading in my car with LAMBO doors.

The sales rep tried to help me pick out a car he says was new but had so many dents and scratches on it and claimed to make me try and pay 25 grand for that ***. I told them no way not at all...So they told me that him and his general manager was going to just take a look at my car just to see what small damage is done. So the sales rep and the manager walked out to my car (im watching them every step) and this 500 pound black man gets in my two door SMALL celica and *** with my car. It was an instant pissed off moment for me so i attacked the sales rep and asked him where in the *** my car was going.

The sales rep told me ohh just right around the corner. Thats not good enough for me i was not warned or able to get any of my stuff out because i had major major valuables in there. I dont trust anyone in my car especially with my stuff in it. So while im in the process of tellin the rep how disgusted i am the man comes back with my car.

The rep immediatley runs out to his manager to tell him. I watch the manager open my door and slam it to the ground as hard as he could...hard enough to slam my door in to the ground and completely break it off the hinges. The manager puts my door back in the grooves of the doorway and makes out like there is nothing wrong with it...comes into the store and walks right past me without saying anything. My husband goes to look at the damage and sure enough when you open my door it completely falls to the ground.

I went in to confront the manager and all he can say with a *** attitude is it fell and that my car was falling apart. OMG i cant believe that my car was in great condition until his fatness got in it. So i had to call the police. Then i had to try and get to the other dealership (with a small child in the baby seat) and complain there.

To which i got the run around then again and naturally Tim was no where to be found. So im still fighting this battle with the company and i will not stop until that fat black man gets me my money for my car which he destroyed.


Monetary Loss: $25.

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